FormsVault Features

Whether you're an employer who needs a way for customers to conveniently transfer information, or you're a firm that requires a secure solution to receive credit application information, FormsVault is the cost-effective solution. Save time with our user-friendly interface, while at the same time getting robust administrative features. All the while securely transferring the information submitted, and automatically encrypting it prior to storage.

Secure Features

  • Application information transmitted to server in encrypted fashion

  • Application information encrypted at database server level

  • Enforced periodic 'Change Password' functionality

  • Submission details stored for each application: ip address of submittor, date and time stamp

  • Ability for administrator to delete applications from server, in accordance with their organization's deletion policy

Admin Features

  • Ability for user to act as sole administrator (Standalone Version), or allow external agents to act as administrators (Agent Version), with built-in agent tracking on applications.

  • Optional automated login, via 'Remember Me' functionality

  • Search by name for specific application

  • Paginated list of applications

  • Applications List clearly features markers for pre-application survey responses

  • Sort application list by: applicant name, date submitted, application number

  • Printable, professional output

  • Configure email addresses to which application submission notifications are sent

  • Submission details stored for each application: operating system and browser used by user

  • Delete an application, and "Confirm" the deletion before final removal from server

  • Copy an application and resubmit it independently of user – when administrator needs to supplement application on behalf of user

User Interface

  • Professional web interface that is mobile friendly

  • Allows for pre-application survey questions

  • Advises user of required fields

  • Reports back names of specific missing required fields in proximity to location on application

  • Collapsible sections for areas of information that may not be applicable

  • Printable, professional output